Strength & Conditioning Workshop

Designed and led by Claire Steels (Double World Duathlon Champion).

Each of your school/club/college students (maximum of 20 per day) will receive a movement analysis and a progressive plan based on their individual requirements, goals and their particular sport, as well as a diet plan from World Champion Duathlete and Personal Trainer Claire Steels during a full day visit.

Claire will spend time with each of the athletes analysing how they move, both in a gym setting (if available) and in their sporting environment. This movement analysis is vital to identify any areas of tightness or weakness and to ensure that the athletes are moving in the most effective way for their chosen sport. The analysis also allows Claire to break down movement patterns within the sport and replicate them using resistance to increase strength and control and therefore reduce any risks of injury and, at the same time, improve performance.

After spending time with Claire, each athlete will come away with a progressive strength programme to help them continue to improve and develop within their chosen sport. They will also be armed with the knowledge and understanding of how their body moves and the importance of including strength and conditioning alongside their sport specific training.

Direct Email/FaceTime/Skype Access between Mintridge Ambassador and student (Mintridge Safeguarding Policy applies) for 6 months. This will be a minimum of one hour per fortnight. FaceTime/Skype conversations will be arranged by mutual consent to monitor progress and answer any questions.

Around six weeks later, Claire will revisit the school to monitor progress and create a review. At the end of the six months, Claire will visit your school/club/college for the final time to create a final review.

For further information regarding our Strength & Conditioning Workshop please contact Alex Paske on 01536 447 106 or complete the form on our contact page.

All Mintridge staff are DBS checked and Mintridge Events are happy to provide relevant documentation should you require it.

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