Drew Sullivan
Sport: Basketball

Drew Sullivan started playing basketball in 1993, purely by chance, after he was spotted in the park due to his height and was invited down to a basketball session. His career progressed rapidly from there; by the age of 15 he was playing professionally and by just 16 he was called up to play for the national team, making him the youngest player to have represented England at that time. At this young age, Drew made the brave decision to move to America by himself to further his career. Such determination and passion for his sport forced him to be independent from a young age, but enabled him to play basketball at a higher level – much earlier on in his career than most.


Since playing professionally in 2003, Drew has had the opportunity to play in many different parts of Europe, including Spain and Russia. Drew has also represented Great Britain 100 times including 3 European Championships andthe 2012 Olympics in London.


He has now retired but that has not made him any less active in sports. Drew is a blue belt under Roger Gracie in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is now a proud owner of two Jiu Jitsu academies.